IS_LT 9417: Technology Action Research

Course Description:

Study of concepts associated with action research; and the processes and procedures for conducting action research. Culminating project is the development of an action research project.


Justifiably school districts today are data-driven. School administrators, teachers and parents all want to see improved student performance. Teachers are often in the trenches in search of what initiatives are on the cutting-edge of student achievement.  In order to improve their practices, almost all teachers participate in some sort of action research.  Through the years, in my own teaching experiences, I have, unknowingly, participated in action research in order to improve outcomes with my instruction and student learning.

Through Technology Action Research, I learned the more formal methodology of completing action research, but more importantly I learned the most efficient way to complete action research in order to get the necessary data to use the modify the current reality of my classroom or with teacher colleagues. Action research is a process which begins with the focus question or questions.  As problems with student learning, teacher practices or classroom culture are identified, it is essential for the action research process to articulate specific questions that necessitate answers.  These questions drive the process, and from these questions the most appropriate data collection procedure can be determined.

Through this course, I also learned about various data collection techniques that are adequate for different types of research.  As I move forward in my position as the District Technology Content Leader, I will be collecting data from teachers, students, administrators and parents.  I found the information that I learned in Technology Action Research helpful in regards to the different methods that can be used to collect data, and the pros and cons for each type of collection technique.


The major work of this course involved creating an Action Research project in which we sought out to find the answer to the question of whether or not BYOD programs are successful in secondary schools. I worked with a group of three other classmates to research BYOD programs and develop a plan for doing active research with teachers in our own schools. At the time of this portfolio submission, I am working with my group in the beginning stages of this project.

Assumptions in Action Research

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