IS_LT 7361: Introduction to Digital Media

Course Description :

Hands-on approach to multimedia production techniques. Develops understanding of image software, video software, and scanners, digital cameras, digital video cameras, graphics tablets.


The content covered in Introduction to Digital Media was some of the most challenging content of my program, but the knowledge gained is some of the most useful. Although I had been exposed to video editing and video creation, prior to this course, I had very little exposure to editing audio files, editing photos or web development. Through this course, I learned to use PhotoShop, Audacity, DreamWeaver, and expanded my understanding of video editing.

Prior to this course, I had never used PhotoShop. I had a lot to learn. I enjoyed learning how to crop photos, and edit photos in order to get them exactly as I need them to be. This has become particularly beneficial in web design. Through the course, I gained an understanding of the differences between different image types, such as .png, .jpg and .gif, as well as the appropriate uses for each file type. These skills have been useful as I have edited images for use with my classroom website and our school’s website.

Audio and video editing have become useful knowledge in my classroom. As a foreign language teacher, my students benefit from watching videos and doing listening exercises. Audio files can be quite large. I learned about lossless files and lossy files and how to save an audio file in the best quality, but in the smallest file size. While I had used Audacity with my students, I had no idea how many features Audacity had for making quality audio files. I have since used Audacity in several instances to create listening activities with my students.


Final Web Project
PhotoShop Project



Video Project

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