IS_LT 7360: Introduction to Web Development

Course Description:

Basic web design and HTML. Covers file transfer and UNIX/LINUX servers management. Develops understanding of web graphic formats. Emphasizes user interface, navigation, and instructional design in building web sites.


Introduction to Web Development opened a whole new world for me. Prior to this course, the only html experience that I had was from the limited exposure obtained through Introduction to Digital Media. Through the coursework I learned how to use html and CSS to code a website from scratch, as well as how to do a Usability Test to determine strengths and weaknesses of a site.

The work in this course challenged me in a way that no other course had challenged me before. Coding with html and CSS is extremely challenging, but the results are amazingly rewarding. I thoroughly enjoyed finding ways to creatively bring my ideas to life on the web. The class started with a basic web page, but by the end of the course, I had developed a detailed multi-page web page complete with lists, images and charts. The website that I created for this class is in use even now to help teachers who are interested in flipping their classroom.

This class also helped me to understand the importance of coding for all audiences and for all web browsers. Coding with html and CSS is a very intricate process. In order for a website to be viewed as intended, nothing can be overlooked. Through the tedious process of html and CSS validation, I learned from my mistakes, and learned to pay attention to every detail. Learning to code is, in many ways, like learning a foreign language. I enjoyed every challenge of this course, and I have used these skills often with my class website, and our school’s website. I am proud that I can offer my students an attractive class website with a professional look.


Basic Website
Final Website

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