IS_LT 7378: Electronic Portfolio Development

Course Discription

Portfolios are excellent tools assessing student learning over an extended period, but keeping learning artifacts organized and accessible is a challenge. This course introduces students to electronic portfolios – a digital solution to documenting student achievement in a standards-based curriculum.


While creating an attractive portfolio that adequately showcases my skills and abilities was challenging and time-consuming, I enjoyed taking the time to reflect on the work that I have done through my program. Prior to completing my portfolio, I didn’t realize the breadth of technology that I incorporate into my classroom on a regular basis. By aligning my practices with the ISTE standards, I have become more knowledgeable on the five standards that ISTE requires for teachers, but also I was able to look at what I regularly do in my classroom and reflect on my strengths and weaknesses. This has enabled me to add to what I do with students in order to meet all of the ISTE standards, and to “possess the skills and behaviors of a digital age professional”.

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