IS_LT 7377: Introduction to Technology in Schools

Course Description:

Study of theories and practices associated with educational technology. Explores basic instructional design processes and strategies for integrating technology into teaching and learning. Provides an overview of the EdTech filed and a survey of emerging trends.


Technology in Schools offered a perspective of where technology in education has come from and ways it is currently being used. Within this class, I learned a great deal from my classmates within the discussion forums. I gained a wealth of knowledge about ways to use programs that I have heard about and read about, but have needed inspiration in order to use in the classroom. It was especially helpful to get ideas from classmates on how they have used certain applications with their students.

Prior to this course, I thought of myself as a technology savvy teacher. However, from this course, I learned what it meant to be a technology “wise” educator. Through the task of organizing my thoughts and beliefs of the relationships between instruction, learning and technology for my Concept Map, I realized that the instructional method is at the center of the learning process. Students learn based on how the information is presented to them, and technology facilitates the process of receiving the information or the process of reinforcing the information. The choice of technology, however, must be most appropriate for the goals at hand.

Another great aspect of this class was the discussion forums. Before the class, I had some knowledge of technology that can be used in the classroom, however my classmates made me aware of several more applications. More beneficial, though, is that through collaboration and discussion boards, I am now more aware of ways that these applications are successfully being used in the classroom. I am now challenged with appropriately matching these applications with my curriculum to the benefit of my students.


Concept Map
Technology Integration Lesson Plan

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