IS_LT 7370: Intermediate Web Development

Course Description:

Development of design and web authoring skills. Interactivity through use of cgi scripts and javascript. Design capabilities using Style Sheets. Gain expertise required for the production of HTML documents incorporating these advanced techniques.


I was excited to extend my knowledge of web design. Intermediate Web Development helped to use the skills learned in my prior web development course, but also helped me to extend my knowledge of web design. Through this course, I gained an understanding of how websites can be designed to be interactive. It was particularly interesting to learn how to add features that interact with the user, such as a form. As I continued to code in html and CSS, I continued to get better at coding. I made fewer mistakes and had fewer validation errors.

The final website that I created in this course was a great site that I can use with my level 2 students as a supplement to what I currently use in my classroom. Through the use of JavaScript, I created interactive elements. I learned to use code that allows my website to have scrolling images, flashcards that flip with a click of a mouse, as well as a light-box to display information.

The work in this class was challenging, but I enjoyed the challenge. An understanding of how to create a more sophisticated interactive website allows me to create and maintain a more professional classroom website. I don’t have to rely on “out of the box” templates, but instead can include attractive features for my website that make it easy to use for students, and often times, parents.


Assignments Page
Final Website

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