IS_LT 9471: Instructional Systems Design

Course Description:

Development of skills and knowledge related to the systematic design of instruction. Emphasis is placed on content analysis, instructional strategies, and formative evaluation.


Instructional Systems Design pushed me out of my comfort zone and provided opportunities for me to analyze my current reality for lesson planning. In my new position as the district’s educational technology content leader, I will be responsible for designing training for a variety of educational technology applications for teachers. The skill sets that I learned in this course will help me in determining where teachers are in regards to these applications and where they would like to go. This class taught me what types of questions need to be answered before instructional planning can take place. I also learned best practices for creating formative and summative assessments for training sessions.

Unlike most other courses in my program, the project for this course was created by a team made up of myself and six other classmates. We designed a two-day training workshop on the flipped classroom. Due to my experience with teaching with the flipped classroom, I acted as the Subject Matter Expert and the Project Manager. Prior to this project, I had little experience working with a large team to accomplish a task of this size. We divided the project requirements among group members and used It was challenging to collect each team member’s work, edit their work, format it and organize it into our final project. In the end, I learned the importance of active leadership.


Discovering Port Discovery: Scout Learning Program
Teaching with the Flipped Classroom


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