IS_LT 9458: Technology & Assessment

Course Description:

Learn how to assess specific types of knowledge, using technology to enhance the process. Explore innovative tools and means of assessment that help teachers individualize and differentiate instruction to improve learning. Develop technology-enhanced assessment of student learning.


Technology for Assessment has, in some ways, challenged my philosophy of learning and of assessing that learning. This course forced me to review the way that I ask students to demonstrate their understanding of the objectives. In looking at my current practices, I had to decide if, in fact, I am having them illustrate their knowledge or asking them to just go through “the motions” of assessment. My biggest “take-away” from this course is that assessments can look very different; prior to assessing my students, I must take time analyze what how students could best demonstrate their understanding by transferring their knowledge, instead of having them simply regurgitate the information.

Prior to this course, all objectives for my content have been statements that I have given to students. After completing this course, I have come to realize that more meaningful learning will take place if I center objectives on Essential Questions. It had never occurred to me that there are different types of Essential Questions and they can range from more specific topical type questions to very broad over-arching questions. Whichever type of question that I choose, students are more engaged when investigating the answer to those questions, and ultimately end up with a stronger understanding of the objectives. As I have changed the introduction of new objectives from statements to essential questions, I have seen my own students more engaged in activities as they work towards finding answers to satisfy the questions.

The discussion boards in this class proved to be very beneficial, as I learned how other teachers are using technology as an assessment tool. Since I have incorporated more performance-based assessments with my students, I have seen my students gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of our objectives. This is particularly beneficial in a French class. Instead of having students fill in blanks to show me that they understand verb forms of the French verb “to go” on an assessment, they can show me that they can use the verb as they explain to their French pen-pals the places that they like to “go” with their friends.


Performance Assessment

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